Sep 16

How iOS 10 Means I Can't Read my Email

The Accessibility Disaster with iOS 10

Apple got visual accessibility very, very wrong for iPhone and iPad with the defective iOS 10 - whether it's iPhone 6 or iPhone 7.  As already posted I am visually impaired due to diabetic retinopathy.


Larger text always USED TO work to enable me to read my emails. Sadly iOS 10 doesn't think reading emails is important.

Larger text always USED TO work to enable me to read my emails. Sadly iOS 10 doesn't think reading emails is important for the visually impaired


So ... I always need to make use of the up-to-now wonderful Accessibility settings on iPhones and iPads.   By simply setting Larger Text to On, I've always been able to read everything- texts, emails, messages    However, Larger Text does NOT work in iOS 10 on emails.  It works when I write an email.  But it does not work to actually enable me to READ an email.  Anything that comes into my inbox comex in small text, too small for me to read    I can just about make out the small text on my larger screen iPad, now also with the defective iOS 10   But, not on my iPhone 6 nor indeed on the iPhone 7 which I now can't and wouldn't buy   

Today I reported this issue first to my mobile service provider, EE who of course informed me that, once installed, an iOS cannot readily be removed from an iPhone or iPad.  Even resetting to factory settings still keeps the latest iOS installed. So ... they gave me Apple's number.

I phoned Apple Care and vented my anger in no uncertain terms.  I rely on my iPhone for emails whenever I'm out and about.  I explained that since I installed iOS 10 I can no longer SEE my emails.  The text is so small.   However high I set Larger Text, it makes absolutely no difference at all.   I was put through to a very helpful accessibility manager, Neil, who promised me that this issue was being looked at by Apple and they were aware there was a glitch.

As a longstanding Apple fan - my first ever computer was that brilliant tiny little black and white Apple Mac back in the early 1990s and I now have 3 iPads and 3 iPhones on contract with EE plus several not on contract to anyone  - I am truly both  surprised and appalled that something Apple made such a big fuss about - the greatest iOS since never - has forgotten about anyone who is both visually impaired and uses email.

Having said that, their first name customer service was impressive.  What remains to be seen is how lomg it will take Apple to fix this glitch that has left me no longer email-mobile.     I've been promised regular updates by Neil who dealt so calmly and politely with my case - and my anger - and I now have the 24/7 Accessibility line number - 0800 048 0754 - plus a Case Number ...so I will post an update as and when I can, and indeed as and when I can once again return to pre-iOS 10 days and be able to SEE and READ my emails.

Apple Care number in U.K. 0800 107 6285

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Sep 16

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