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About My Planet Our World

A planet we all recognise ... it's mine but it's also ours

A planet we all recognise ... it's mine but it's also ours

Why 'My planet' .. not 'our planet' ?

I chose the name ' my planet' in quite a metaphorical sense   Essentially,  here it refers to my views, experiences and reflections   Hopefully, just like our planet, these will be recognisable and meaningful to all of us   Indeed ... if what I write on this site is ever not meaningful to you, then please, please let me know!


We all see our world differently. We don't all get to see our world from this perspective though!

Our world

On so many different levels .. this is our world    By that, I mean the world we all share, live, grow, work, play, love and die on    Within that shared world of course there are many different 'world views' as they are often referred to   The way you see and experience our shared world is inevitably going to differ from how I see and experience our shared world   It is still our world   It always will be   And, indeed if we all saw that world and experienced that world in exactly the same way .. how profoundly and worryingly boring that would be!?   The richness and inherent diversity of our world views, of our experiences, of our cultures and of how we live, play, love and work in our world is what makes our lives so potentially interesting

I can only hope and wish that those who hold our peace in their hands could get on board with that view of our shared world!

So .. what are the aims for my blogging here on MyPlanetOurWorld?

Here on MyPlanetOurWorld I aim to share my world views and my own personal experiences of our shared world.   I aim to share these with you in a way that is openly welcoming of a vast range of differing ideas, perspectives and experiences    No view deserves to be ignored.  Your comments, views and feedback are not only important but also interesting, potentially inspiring and always very warmly welcomed    

Yours ever,


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  1. Rosana says:

    James, I loved your blog from the beginning. It is great to read your intelligent and well articulate writing.

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